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Our Clients

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We are fortunate to work alongside world-class brands.

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Below you’ll find some of our major clients from over the past 25 years. However there were many more, for whom we organized “train-the–trainer” programs in order for them to become self sufficient. (in alphabetical order)

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– ABB Lummus Crest; USA

– Achmea Insurances; the Netherlands

– Andreas Clinic Amsterdam; the Netherlands

– Occupational Health Service Comp.; Amsterdam, the Netherlands

– Ardis; the Hague, the Netherlands

– Arthur Andersen Accountants; USA & Europe

– BDOCampsOberGroep Accountants; the Netherlands

– Dixons; the Netherlands

– Business Academy InHolland Haarlem; the Netherlands

– IBM; the Netherlands

– Interswitch; Amsterdam, the Netherlands

– KLM; Royal Dutch Airlines

– Koninklijke Horeca Nederland; the Netherlands

– Laser Aesthetic; the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & Ireland

– McDonald’s Nederland; the Netherlands

– Ministry of Finance; the Hague, the Netherlands

– Ministry of Traffic; the Hague, the Netherlands

– Mosman’s Mineral Techniques; the Netherlands

– NIPO, marketing; Amsterdam, the Netherlands

– Ortho Communications & Science; the Netherlands

– Philips Lighting Systems, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

– RTL 4; Dutch Television; Hilversum, the Netherlands

– Scope Communication Advisors; Heemstede, the Netherlands

– Shell, Royal Dutch Oil Comp.; the Netherlands

– SKF; the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden & USA, Elgin (IL)

– Solvay Duphar, pharmaceutical; the Netherlands

– Time Magazine; USA

– Tros Television; Hilversum, the Netherlands

– Publishers: Bonaventura; Reed Healthcare Comm.; Regal

– Hallmark Reproductions; the Netherlands

– Work Systems Associates. inc., Boston, USA[/mk_toggle][mk_padding_divider][/vc_column][/mk_page_section]