Together, we move!

At StreetPro, our firm conviction lies, in the potent capabilities of entrepreneurs to bridge the ever-widening divide between privileged and underprivileged youth!

Hence, we extend a warm invitation for you to unite with us, in bestow young individuals with a hopeful perspective towards the future.

Join StreetPro #Club100, and unleash the transformative force of your entrepreneurial spirit, impacting the lives of both present and future generations.
Ivolaine de Nobrega

"Our diverse society is threatened by inequality in opportunities. It is of vital importance that we revise existing systems to better align with the needs and desires of both the present and future generations."

Ivolaine de Nobrega
Managing director StreetPro Foundation

Together we can strive for equal opportunities in an inclusive society!

Welcome to StreetPro; where we embrace the unique talents and strengths of young people and provide a positive outlook on the future to those in need. We are determined, because we do not believe in hopelessness. Every young person who, for any reason, falls outside the social and community system is given a chance for a better future at StreetPro!

Our mission is clear; we aim to empower vulnerable young people and strengthen their social position.

Our goal is; to achieve equal opportunities and build an inclusive society where everyone matters and can thrive.

With pride, we can say that we have already made a significant impact and achieved many successes. However, we are increasingly confronted with challenges.

Our challenge
An increasing number of vulnerable young people are reaching out to us. We want to support all these young individuals, but our current financial framework allows us to assist only 50 young people for one school year, and even then, with minimal financial support. This needs to change so that we can help an even greater number of young people, with more resources, who are in need of our assistance.

To achieve this, we need more than just political support. We want to collaborate even more with good doers – individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations – who understand that the “Return On Impact” for society positively influences the “Return On Investment” of shareholders.

At StreetPro, we recognize the power of good doers who are committed to social issues.

Together, we can make a difference, not only for today but also for the generations to come! Join us and become a member of our unique #Club100.

Onze Impact en successen

#Club100 is more than a BusinessClub.

#Club100 is an inspiring group of 100 socially conscious individuals and entrepreneurs with a powerful combination of financial and social capacity. Our shared goal is clear: to actively contribute to the essence of StreetPro’s mission. This includes achieving sufficient resources so that StreetPro can offer an even better future perspective to more young people. It also aims to sustainably strengthen the social self-reliance of these young individuals.

These efforts promote:

  • The development and growth of young people.
  • New talent in an increasingly competitive job market.
  • New collaborations among members of #Club100.
  • A collective sense of unity, connection, and fulfillment.

"Gratefully, we welcome the 1st StreetPro #Club100 members and organizations."

#Club100 membership


  • Personal Membership. This is a membership in your own name and costs 2,500 euros.
  • Business Membership. This membership is in the name of the company and costs 7,500 euros.
    Your #Club100 membership is for a period of one year. Our goal is to build a sustainable collaboration that endures in the long term, enabling us to create a real and meaningful change.

Why become a Member:

  • Firstly, because you feel an intrinsic motivation to contribute to a better future for vulnerable youth.
  • To make a positive contribution to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives within your organization.
  • To network with like-minded good doers (individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations).

What’s in it for you:

  • #Club100 members receive invitations to our Round Table Meetings, which are organized around specific themes and/or social issues, and where we always ensure inspiring guest speakers.
  • #Club100 members are featured on StreetPro’s growing #Club100 webpage.
  • #Club100 members receive interesting discount codes for StreetPro’s (global) events and events from our partners.
  • #Club100 members receive invitations to our semi-annual Celebration activity, where you’ll have ample opportunity to network with other #Club100 members while enjoying food, drinks, and inspiring performances.
  • #Club100 members receive invitations for our matching table where young talents introduce themselves to companies.
  • #Club100 members have the opportunity to be highlighted in the StreetPro #Club100 supplement of the ‘Financieel Dagblad’ for a small additional fee annually.
For questions, ideas, or to celebrate your #Club100 membership, you can contact:

Ivolaine de Nobrega
Managing Director StreetPro Foundation

Asha Lalai
Member StreetPro #Club100

Yes, count me in!